Friday, July 17, 2009

Knees Good, Humidity Bad

*Friday Night -- Lily Allen
I Want You Back -- Jackson 5
I'm Shipping Up To Boston -- Dropkick Murphys
Lights And Music -- Cut Copy
Somebody to Shove -- Soul Asylum
Glamorous (Feat. Ludacris) -- Fergie
Trouble -- Pink
The Middle -- Jimmy Eat World
Stronger -- Kanye West
Heartless -- Kanye West
Dirrty -- Christina Aguilera
Annie Waits -- Ben Folds
Think -- Aretha Franklin
No Excuses -- Alice in Chains
Transistor -- 311
Feeling Good -- Muse
Pussy Control -- Prince

The good news is my knees were at about 95% yesterday.

But ugh, something is amiss with my running. Lately, my motivation has been even weaker than usual, I'm bored 5 minutes into a run... and yesterday I had to stop several times during my 6 mile run. I. Hate. Stopping. The zen, the flow, the rhythm, all done once I stop, and I know the rest of a run will be jerky and painful.

So somewhere around 4th Avenue and Sackett I got really discouraged -- I had a lot of trouble keeping it chugging in Boston, too. But then I realized that, oh yeah, the humidity has been out of control. Oh yeah, we haven't really had summer weather yet, and those rainy skies and cool breezes, although gifts from the running gods, were a fluke.

I'm blaming stifling humidity, chugging a lot more water from now on, and trying again on Saturday.

*My 2-years late obsession with Lily Allen is going great, thanks. Why is someone so young allowed to be so saucy and fabulous? No fair.

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